CLIENT REPRESENTS THERE IS: (1) Good access (no stairs); (2)A 110v electric power outlet within 5 meters of the desired booth location; (3) That client will be responsible for any malicious damage done to the photo booth by any of Clients guests. (4) a level, concrete-like surface for the photo booth to be placed on if event is outdoors. (5) The photo booth location must be under cover and away from moisture or liquid. Waterproof marquee is acceptable


  1. Provide a photo booth that does not require money to operate and to provide sufficient film and supplies.
  2. Provide a qualified technician on site.
  3. Install and remove the photo booth in a timely manner.


  1. Client and BOOTHOGRAPHY agree that in the event of a mechanical failure or for any reason or inability to perform such that BOOTHOGRAPHY cannot provide a functioning photo booth, that BOOTHOGRAPHY maximum liability is the return of any payments received. Client agrees that BOOTHOGRAPHY will not be responsible for consequential damages. If only partial services can be provided due to conditions beyond BOOTHOGRAPHY reasonable control, then the rental charges are to be refunded on a prorated basis.
  1. A deposit of 25% is required to hold the date and the remaining balance is due 10 days prior to the event. If balance due is not paid on time, deposit shall be forfeited and the photo booth reservation cancelled. If client cancels event, one half of the deposit will be refunded. A late fee of $45 will be assessed for any balance overdue.
  1. Access to the desired location of the photo booth must be (or similar to) a paved walkway and the actual area on which the photo booth will be located must be solid (concrete or similar) and level. Exceptions can be made only with the inspection and approval of BOOTHOGRAPHY.
  1. If the event is outdoors the client must provide a tented waterproof area for the photo booth.
  1. For events longer than 3 hours the client will provide non-alcoholic drinks and a staff meal.
  1. Client to inform guests that all photographs are saved and all rights are owned by BOOTHOGRAPHY. Some photos may be used for marketing and promotional opportunities. Being photographed in the booth is considered agreement to these terms.

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