Beware of low end photo booth companies

As a cultural icon of novelty and fun, photo booths are fairly ubiquitous –low end photo booths can be found as somewhat permanent fixtures at malls, conventions, amusement parks, arcades, weddings and other events. The relationship between the user and this photo booth usually plays out like this:


  1. Pay for limited prints
  2. Hop in
  3. Take some half-serious shots
  4. Wait for the photos to print
  5. Take home the poor quality printouts that will inevitably fade in a few short months.


More often than not, it’s low end photo booths like these that end up getting rented for personal events. Most renters, thinking they will save a few bucks, pay less and assume that all photo booths are essentially similar.


All photo booths are not the same, and it’s worth spending a little extra to get a lot more. After all, if you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur. The quality and perks of a prime photo booth company outnumber any dollars you’ll be saving.


The primary issue with low end photo booths rentals is what they lack. A prime photo booth rental company will offer a wider choice of booths, access to props for the photos, unlimited prints at no extra charge, personalized templates, a personal attendant for the booth and photos of a higher quality that will serve as lasting memories. Few of these things, if any, will be offered by budget photo booth companies, so before renting from them, think of the things that you are missing out on for on a few dollars more.

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